Thursday, November 3, 2011

NC Utilities Commission has more questions on Duke merger

North Carolina's utilities commission wants Duke Energy and Progress Energy to answer more than two dozen lingering questions on their planned merger.

Some queries are left over from the commission's September hearing. Others arose when the companies filed a proposal Oct. 17 to sell excess wholesale power, responding to anti-competition concerns of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The N.C. commission wants answers by Nov. 17. Among its questions:

-- Does the power-sale plan submitted to federal regulators change the joint operating agreement between Duke and Progress, a key to the merger?

-- What is the companies' employee-reduction plan? Are more staff cuts (Duke and Progress have said they expect to trim about 2,000 jobs) expected after the merger?

-- Is the offer of a $15 million contribution to workforce preparedness connected to the merger's expected impact on the N.C. workforce?

-- What factors will the companies include in the "service quality measurement" proposed in the merger settlement with the commission's Public Staff?

The answers should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

As this is now a month old, will the answers to the questions stand unreported forever or just this article?