Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mecklenburg sets litter(free) record

A new survey of Mecklenburg County found litter at a record low, Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful reported Tuesday.

The county's Litter Index, based on a survey last week of 50 points throughout the county, was 1.22. That broke last year's record index of 1.35.

The index has been falling steadily since the surveys began in 2004, said Jake Wilson, executive director of Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful.

Wilson attributes the falling scores to less debris blowing from construction-company trucks during the economic downturn, and to growth of the state's Adopt-A-Highway volunteer trash pickup program.


Anonymous said...

Except for the pigs that love to throw cigarette butts out the car window.

Anonymous said...

wonder if they drive along n davidson coming up towards craighead - constantly finding trash along there when we walk...not to mention used drug paraphernalia

Anonymous said...

The trash trucks going down Old Statesville road to the dump constantl have litter blowing off their trucks onto car windshields. Wonder how many wrecks they have caused? But the incompetent county manager does nothing about it. He is too busy planning taxpayer-funded junkets to London. Can't we finally be rid of him?

Anonymous said...

They should have included in their report Highway #51 in Mint Hill and picked up the bags of garbage such as drink bottles,cups, sandwich wrappers, and beer cans I deal with each time I mow grass.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree. Especially the rude (all) smokers. Charlotte is a trashy city. Just returned from Raleigh (yes their roads are better) & it is a MUCH cleaner city. Whoever thinks CLT is clean does not get out beyond their own yard perhaps.